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Visitor Tips

M & N Holloway Realty Inc.

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Visitor Tips

Travel To and From

Check your map before you leave . Know where you are going and how to get there . Look in the back seat before getting in your car . Review the controls in your vehicle before leaving the area . When driving , keep a full tank of gas and stay on well-lighted and well-traveled roads. Keep your safety belts on , doors locked and windows up . Try to stay on main roads and highways .

If you have a car problem , try to get to a service station or populated place. If your car is bumped by another , don't immediately jump out and check for damage . Watch the other driver . If you are uncomfortable , motion for him or her to drive to a more public place , a police station or fire station . Never pick up hitchhikers . Park close to your destination , preferably on well - lighted street or area. Look around before getting out of your car .

Your Home Away From Home

Always use the peephole to make sure you know who's at your hotel room door. Keep your doors locked and the chain latched . When you are away from your room , leave the TV on and the curtains closed . Don't put the sign on the door for the maid to clean up . If your room has already been cleaned , put the " do not disturb" sign on the handle . Make use of hotel safes and safety deposit boxes. If someone claiming to be a hotel employee wishes to enter your room , check with the front desk to verify identity .

Safety First

When you are in unfamiliar surroundings , be alert and cautious . Carry traveler's checks and only a small amount of money. When obtaining traveler's checks or cash , count your money and put it away before you go outside . For automatic teller machine banking , go during the day and not by yourself .

Avoid carrying a purse . If you must , use a clutch type or one with a strap , and hold the purse in front of you . If someone wants your purse , wallet , keys or car , don't resist . Avoid wearing expensive or expensive looking jewelry . Backing your car into a parking space might make out -of-state tags less obvious . When leaving your car , put maps away and cover expensive items or put them in the trunk .

Florida Law

Every visitor riding in the front seat of an automobile must wear a seat belt . Children through three years of age must ride in a separate car seat. Day or night , car headlights must be turned on in the rain . Drivers must carry proof of mandatory personal injury ( liability) protection insurance coverage . Due to Florida's intense heat and high humidity , pets must never be left in cars . Animals are highly susceptible to heat exhaustion , which can be fatal .

Important Phone Numbers: Emergency : 911
Sheriff's Office : ( 407) 348-2222
Poison Control: ( 407) 282-3171

Sources: American Automobile Association (AAA) and the Osceola County Sheriff's Office